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P.Y. 是一位数字策略师和媒体爱好者。他的祖父是一名学校校长,在第二次世界大战期间驾驶了B-17“飞行堡垒”。


Music events of 底特律 NYE 2014

  New Year’s Eve in 底特律 will offer concert-goers a wide variety of live music events –跨越无数流派。  底特律 Music Magazine has compiled a list of five of the best music events in 底特律. Have a safe and happy New Year!  5)White Shag,Sick,DJ但丁·拉萨尔@ PJ’s…


纽伯恩 – We Are Newborns

底特律’痴迷于车库的车库乐队NEWBORNS发布了一张名为《我们是新生儿》的新专辑:这是他们10月EP《我们所有的朋友都参加了Hi-Fi》的后续活动。由Michael Younker(吉他/人声)和John Zimmerman(鼓)组成的车库摇滚二人组在Younker录制了12首专辑’在底特律大都会的家。此外,许多专辑之前的音频样本’s…


编织缠结 – 伐木·杰克逊(专辑)

 总部位于底特律的Americana / folk / blues二人组合Woven Tangles通过Funky D Records发行了10首歌曲专辑Lumber Jackson。在几位支持音乐人的陪伴下,霍莉·伯恩特(Holly Bernt)和凯文·克莱恩(Kevin Kline)带着美国和声的力量回归了美国声音。编织缠结’朗伯·杰克逊(Lumber Jackson)优雅地融合了民间乐器,情感乐器…


地穴踢球者 – The Crypt Kickers

底特律 horror-punk rockers 地穴踢球者 have released a self-titled, two-song EP follow-up to 2012’的死亡之舞。 The Crypt Kickers专营摇滚朋克音乐,深色朋克’滚动进度和模糊的即兴演奏。三人组由Nik(贝斯,人声),Mark(吉他,人声)和Sean(鼓)组成。 EP’s first track, “Dead Rise,” is a…


底特律 jazz legend Yusef Lateef dies at 93

  底特律-frequenter and Grammy-award-winning jazz musician and composer Yusef Lateef (born William Emanuel Huddleston) died Monday at his home in Massachusetts at the age of 93.   The Chattanooga-born Lateef ventured to 底特律 in 1925 when his family relocated from Lorain, Ohio. As a young musician, Lateef befriended countless 底特律 jazz icons before graduating high school,…


可怕的二 – 恐怖Vacui(专辑)

经过五年的等待,小便池蛋糕记录’ own 可怕的二 have released their second full-length album titled Horror Vacui. Between album releases, the band has seen personnel adjustments, released several singles and replaced multiple tour vans. Their synth-based punk signature has elevated to a matured-version of a now neo-classic 底特律 sound: Horror Vacui.  The 13-track,…

迈克·波斯纳(Mike Posner)的视频介绍了他的父母,大肖恩(Big Sean),外交官(Diplo),帕维尔·达兹(Pavel Datsyuk)等

迈克·波斯纳(Mike Posner)的视频介绍了他的父母,大肖恩(Big Sean),外交官(Diplo),帕维尔·达兹(Pavel Datsyuk)等

底特律 producer/artist Mike Posner has released a video for his single “Top of the World,” which features 底特律 landmarks, celebrity cameos and Motor City sports teams. Posner is joined by fellow-Detroit artist Big Sean, who offers multiple verses on the new track while donning a Blade Icewood tribute t-shirt. The video includes appearances by Posner’s…

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